7 Best Bows for Deer Hunting - 2022 Guide

best bow for deer hunting

Are you planning to hunt deer over the weekend? Are you wondering what best tool to use? Deer are not just an animal that can be hunted anyhow. That is why hunting deer requires shooting experience and a sturdy bow. With the fogged market, making an informed decision as to what brand of bow you should purchase can be a very challenging experience.

We are here to help you offload the stress as we’ve tested, vetted, and reviewed some exceptional brands of bow. Succinctly, with our picks on the list after this article, you will get the Best Bow for Deer Hunting.

However, considering any brand of bow for deer hunting also requires consideration of some essential factors. Are you bothered about where to get the buying tips? Worry not! We provide you with a definitive buying guide to walk you through the selection process. With absolute attention to detail and critical consideration of these factors, you can never make the wrong choice of investment. Patiently read through to get a hang of the tool.

Comparison Table Of Top 7 Bow For Deer Hunting:

Value For the Money

Bear Archery Cruzer

Our Pick

Sanlida Archery Dragon

Top Pick

Southland Archery Supply

Our Reviews of the Best Deer Hunting Bows

Two things you will enjoy in Sanlida Archery Bow that you can’t find in other brands are “lifetime warranty and all-season compatibility.” These two factors largely contribute to the durability of the tool. It is resistant to any weather condition without dampening the longevity of the bow. No wonder it is rated the Best Bow for Deer Hunting among its contenders.

This extraordinary unit is elegantly constructed with durable and lightweight materials, which largely impacts its efficiency. The interesting part is that it does not require you to bow before using the archery bow. All in all, it drastically reduces shooting stress.

Despite being right-hand oriented, it is ideal for adults of both genders. It appears to be complex to handle but super-easy to operate. It is suitable for beginners, intermediate, and expert levels.

Outstanding Features

  • For effortless drawing of the bow, it comes with adjustable draw length and draws weight bolt. This feature enables you to increase and reduce the shooting speed to suit your level of expertise.
  • It features a dual-cam system, which offers you hassle-free shooting and reduces the bow maintenance stress.
  • It comes with a 5-pin sight for easy adjustability of the target brightness. The arrow rest component helps you establish stability.
  • With the compound bow case and stand, the maneuverability of this unit is simplified.


  • Effortless maintenance
  • Efficient performance
  • Durable construction
  • Suitable for all level users


  • It is heavyweight

You can never go wrong with the Bear Archery for deer hunting. Deer is a wild animal whose hunting requires a super-strong tool like the Bear Archery Compound Bow. The effortless interface of this elegant tool helps you facilitate the usage, maintenance, and adjustment. Right-hand-oriented bows can never be a wrong investment.

The adjustability of the draw weight enables you to moderate the drawing force of this equipment. With a draw weight of 5-50 lbs, you can extensively utilize this bow for distance shootings. Are you wondering if this bow is versatile or not? It will interest you to know that the Bear Archery Bow is suitable for different outdoor expeditions without affecting its durability.

The right-hand oriented Bear Archery Bow has a speed of 290 Feet Per Second (FPS), giving room for advanced shootings on every adventure.

Outstanding Features

  • It features five-spot quivers that permit slight adjustment to facilitate the shooting motion of the arrow. The bow’s quivering is one determinant of the shooting speed.
  • The whisker biscuit arrow rest helps you slow down the pace of the arrow for easy targeting and shooting.
  • It comes with adjustable draw weight and length that enhance the quick release of the arrow. Meanwhile, handling this unit does not require pressing any button. That shows how effortless it is to operate.


  • Adjustability, versatility, and adaptability
  • Five-spot quiver and trophy mist sight
  • Adjustable draw weight and length
  • 290 FPS speed rate


  • 30-day limited manufacturer’s warranty

Consider this quality brand if you wish to have the Best Bow for Deer Hunting with a complete package. The Southland addresses your needs and wants in deer hunting. This outrage compound bow provides archery shooters the actual high-quality gear that enhances the functionality and durability of the tool.

Absolute value for money is the perfect description of Southland Archery Supply (SAS), as it breeds beginner and intermediate shooters to become experts in no time. It does not come with components needed for bowhunting, but the needed parts can be assembled. Meanwhile, it comes with essential elements for bow fishing. The installation of this unit is as effortless as its usage.

The fascinating part of this equipment is the advanced draw weight of 55 to 70 lbs, which gives you the advantage of targeting and shooting big games.

Outstanding Features

  • It features a SAS Rage of 296 FPS which is ideal for deer hunters who shoot at 25 yards. This will let your arrow hit the targeted deer in seconds.
  • The bow sight and brush arrow rest recreate confidence and stable shooting. These two features reduce fear. The bow sight provides you with sufficient brightness to shoot.
  • The SAS compound bow features adjustable draw weight for advanced shooting.


  • Durable and lightweight design
  • Confident and stable shooting
  • 296 FPS for rapid hitting of targets
  • Adjustable draw force
  • Bow sight and brush arrow rest


  • It is expensive

Whether you are a beginner or intermediate archer, adult or young, male or female, this Youth Compound Bow is a perfect tool to add to your archery arsenal. The most interesting part of this tool is the versatility and less restriction. Unlike other contenders with minimal but moderate speed rates, this elegant unit comes with a jet shooting speed of 320 Feet Per Second. It is second to none on the market.

The quality and durable components packaged with this tool make it suitable for hunting and other petty outdoor expeditions. The target paper included in the package is a plus advantage that helps novice shooters to level up their shooting efficiency.

You can make proficiency out of no experience when you invest in this exceptional compound bow.

Outstanding Features

  • It features five-pin bow sight that delivers needed lighting, which enables you to moderately position your shots with the factory-fitted precision bubble level. This prevents you from eyes constraint.
  • The brush arrow rest feature helps you simplify the installation of this equipment. This also contributes to its durability as it makes it suitable for all weather conditions.
  • The rubberized stabilizer is the height of it. This element reduces vibration and establishes maximum stability needed to shoot. It comes with an instruction manual for easy installation.


  • Wear-resistant bowstring
  • Rubber stabilizing technology for confidence shooting
  • Adjustable draw length and weight
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • It is not dual-hand oriented

Are you bothered about getting a comfy case to package and store your compound bow and its accessories? Actually, it is worrisome. That is why you should do away with the worry by getting the Topoint trigon Compound Bow that comes with a portable and smart-looking case for easy transportation of the tool.

Interestingly, the drawing length of this unit comes with a mind-blowing drawing interval. The 19-70 lbs is a sufficient drawing length for you to target, shoot, and hit distance games without losing focus. The components and performance are worthy of your investment.

With the shooting speed of 320 FPS, beginner and expert shooters can confidently shoot near and distance targets with maximum confidence. The bow stand is a plus advantage to lessen the stress and make your hunting effortless.

Outstanding Features

  • It features five target papers to foster your archery skills. This component makes it suitable for beginner and intermediate archers.
  • The five-pin bow sight provides you with sufficient lighting to brighten up your target and peg down your shooting. It comes with 24 sturdily constructed arrows that save you the cost of extra investment on arrows.
  • The bow stand feature and brush arrow rest are two outstanding features that improve the stability of the bow and ease target shooting.


  • Complete package
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Confident and accurate shooting
  • Moderate shooting lighting
  • Swift movement with the case


  • It is not inexpensive

Adult archers, this is an ideal tool for you. The Bear Archery brand is one of the reputable brands on the market. This brand produces one of the best compound bows for deer hunting and versatile applications. Meanwhile, being an adult bow doesn’t restrict teens from using it. The easy installation and friendly user interface are significant factors that contribute to the simplicity of this bow.

It comes with a versatile cam that enables users to shoot up to 315 Feet Per Second (FPS). This offers an advanced shooting speed and lets you hit your targeted object in a few seconds. The adjustable draw length also contributes to the suitability for both youths and adults.

The factory-packed component is a positive indication that this elegantly constructed bow is ready to hunt without obstruction.

Outstanding Features

  • It comes with adjustable draw length and weight that doesn’t require a bow press to adjust. This makes the utilization of the bow an effortless task for users.
  • It features composite limbs that create maximum flexibility and adjustability. This feature categorically impacts the adjustability of the entire feature.
  • It features a double cam system, which fosters the functionality and maintenance of the unit. With the dual-cam system, the performance becomes more efficient.


  • Durable and lightweight design
  • Effortless maintenance with efficient performance
  • Dual-wheeled cam system
  • Composite limbs for flexible usability
  • 315 Feet Per Second coverage


  • There is no arm guard

No brand can compete with Raptor when it comes to the manufacturer’s warranty. This shows the level of reliability in this bow. Despite having all the needed components, the brand establishes credibility by giving every user a lifetime warranty. Undoubtedly, this is a worthy investment for every archer willing to level up their games.

The fully adjustable draw length enables users to improve their drawing force to hit their targeted objects in no time. This also enhances your archery skills. Thus, it is ideal for beginners, intermediates, and experts.

Raptor hunting bow is left-hand oriented, which might be the only issue with using this unit. However, it renders an easy-to-use interface. So, users won’t find it challenging to blend with the hand orientation. The stability you enjoy using this tool helps you improve your shooting confidence.

Outstanding Features

  • It features a split yoke tuning system that delivers accurate arrow shooting with precise adjustments. No wonder it is regarded as a compound hunting bow.
  • It features a five-pin optic sight that comes with light and level for moderate brightness and swift sight adjustment.
  • It comes with two target papers that help you train your child and improve your archery skills. The target papers are plus advantage to leverage for shooting improvement.


  • Unique design with versatile function
  • Adjustable at its peak
  • Target papers for shooting improvement
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty


  • Left-hand orientation

Features to Be Checked Before Purchasing the Bow

Knowing the type of bow to choose is important as part of hunting expertise. Recurve bows are easy to maneuver and assemble but offer less drawing force, unlike the Compound bow. Most deer hunters prefer to use compound bows because of their efficient performance and swift installation.

Also, compound bows will provide you with sufficient drawing force to aim and shoot without stressing you. Thus, compound bows are effortless.

What Factors Should I Consider Before Buying A Hunting Bow

This is a decision to make for hunters, especially beginners who are not only new to the field but also new to the market. Picking the Best Bow for Deer Hunting requires considering some factors. Below are the essential elements to check out in deer hunting bow:

● Feet Per Second (FPS)

The feet per second is the number of feet your bow is capable of coverage under a second. This determines the accuracy and speed of the bow. This factor also lets you hit your targeted objects with less stress. There are various brands of deer hunting bows on the market with different FPS. However, considering a bow with 250-320 FPS would serve as a great advantage for you.

● Price

Affordability helps a lot in choosing a hunting bow. You wouldn’t want to rob banks or break your pocket before you can invest in the equipment. Therefore, it is necessary you consider the price. Some bow hunters believe that the higher the price of the bow, the better the performance. Let that not freak you out. Many affordable bows on the market perform excellently and efficiently well. The more you check, the more you see. Navigate our picks on the list below to get the bow that suits your budget.

● Adjustability, Adaptability, and Durability

These three factors are the key determinants of Bow efficiency. Adjustable bows allow you to alter the drawing force and easily adjust the length and weight to suit your shooting preferences perfectly. When a bow is adaptable, it is resistant to any weather condition. This will help retain the durability of the tool. Thus, you must consider these three factors to get the most out of the bow.

● Suitable for all Level Hunters

Having a versatile bow is a plus advantage. When you have a bow suitable for all-level shooters, you seem to spend less on advancing your shooting skills. The capability of hunting bows to suit every level shooter helps you train first-timers to become professional shooters in no time. Considering this factor is a win-win choice for you.

● Bow Sight

Traditional archers shoot with their naked eyes. Experts among them can never miss the target. However, that is a major constraint to their eyes. As for the new or modern archers among us, Bow Sight is an advantage to help reduce this risk. A three-pin bow sight is moderate enough to provide you with the adjustable brightness needed to target and shoot objects over 40 yards away. However, depending on your expertise, you can consider more than three-pin bow sights.

● Recurve Bow or Compound Bow

As drawing force is essential, same way installation is pivotal. Getting a difficult-to-install bow will be the greatest mistake in bow hunting investment. It won’t be sweet having a boring experience right from the start. That is why it is important you consider which of the series is best for you.

Compound Bow is super easy to install and often comes with an easy-to-adjust draw force that helps you extend your shooting beyond the limit. Recurve bow is not a bad option either, but it delivers less drawing force, unlike the compound bow.

You will agree with us that this succinct article is a perfect guide to help you narrow down your selection. After reading this, we concur that you will get only the Best Bow for Deer Hunting. Meanwhile, on a lighter note, our list of best bows for hunting deer can equally serve as your go-to option. Cheers to an effortless and comfortable shooting experience.