7 Best Compound Bows for Beginners - 2022 Guide

best compound bow for beginners

Comparison Chart for The Top Compound Bow For Beginners:

Product Brand Draw Length Draw Weight Editor’s Ratings Check Price
PANDARUS 19-28 inch 15-29 lbs 4.4 out of 5
Barnett Archery Store 18-22 inch 18-29 lbs 4.1 out of 5
PANDARUS 19.2-31 inch 0.70 lbs 3.9 out of 5
WUXLISTY 18-29 inch 15-45 lbs 3.9 out of 5
CenterPoint Archery 26 inch 15 lbs 4.6 out of 5
Bear Archery 13.5 inch 15-25 lbs 4.7 out of 5
Southland Archery Supply 19-29 inch 11-55 lbs 4.0 out of 5

Outdoor expeditions have no age restriction. Yes! There is no gender restriction either. Archery is one of the most outdoor sports anybody can explore. Going on an Archery adventure with perfect equipment is the height of it. Every beginner willing to explore this exciting sport would be wondering what type of equipment to get.

Archery bows are the perfect tool for absolute exploration. However, we shouldn’t compromise. Let’s face the fact that the market has become so swarmed that it is hard for beginners to recognize the Best Compound Bow for Beginners. Unfortunately, even some intermediate and expert archers will get lost amid numerous choices for selection.

We are here to save you the stress. How are we confident in our selection? We’ve been through this phase in the past, and we have ideas of how it looks to have a hundred and one choices to pick one single-handedly.

This article will help you simplify your selection process. Also, we have a list of tested, vetted, and reviewed Best Starter Compound Bow that would serve the swift on-the-go purpose. All it costs you is to totally pay attention to the details as elaborated below.

Value For the Money

Bear Archery Cruzer

Our Pick

Sanlida Archery Dragon

Top Pick

Southland Archery Supply

Our Reviews of the Best Beginner's Compound Bow

Are you a first-timer willing to learn hunting with a super-efficient bow? The Pandarus is the Best Compound Bow for Beginners that doesn’t require you to bow before you shoot. You need not stress yourself to get other components when you have this elegant compound bow encompassed with unique elements to aid your shooting experience.

To enhance your beginner performance, this exceptional compound bow comes with dual-hand orientation enabling you to utilise either your left or right hand for shooting.

The entry-level compound comes with sturdy arrow rest, which helps you facilitate the arrow’s trajectory and drastically reduces hand constraints with the arm guard component. This can never be an unsuitable investment for you as it is tested, vetted, and rated as one of the best compound bows on the market.

The user-friendly interface of this unit makes it suitable for both gender, youth, and beginners.

Exceptional Features

  • Are you wondering about the installation of this unit? It comes with an easy-to-comprehend instruction manual, which helps you narrow down the assembling of the bow.
  • The bow sight feature is another plus advantage for you. This feature aid your targeting. It allows you to have an accurate target and shoot without affecting your eyes.
  • The brush arrow rest features help reduce the arrow rest’s friction and perfect the arrow’s flying path.


  • Super-efficient performance for beginners
  • Instruction manual
  • Arrow rest and arm guard
  • Bow sight for perfect view and target shooting


  • It is slightly heavyweight for first-timers

Ever thought of having the Best Compound Bow for Beginners that train you to become a professional shooter? The Barnett Vortex is one of your go-to options. The versatile usage of this unit makes it super-interesting. It is sturdily constructed for easy adjustment, allowing you to level up your archery skills.

It is right-hand oriented and perfectly suitable for beginners. The unisex Barnett Vortex Compound bow is super-lightweight and comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, establishing the brand’s credibility.

The adjustability and adaptability of this unit help blend with your child’s growth. It permits you to adjust the bow as your child, teenage, or preteen increases in stature. Undoubtedly, you can never go wrong with the selection of this elegant archer’s equipment.

Exceptional Features

  • It comes with an adjustable modular, which helps you facilitate the drawing length and weight. This makes it a perfect match with your stature and strength to draw the bow.
  • As part of the archery efficiency is to be able to camouflage your bow. This exceptional bow is constructed with AMO/ATA standards.
  • It comes with three sturdy aluminum arrows, which enables you to easily interchange the arrow.
  • The synthetic string and cable system are advantages that foster the bow’s stability. The adjustable arrow rest also contributes to the comfortability of using this unit.


  • Dual-cam system
  • String and cable system for stability
  • Lightweight and durable design
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • It might not withstand rusting

As a first-time archer, you should get the best compound bow that comes with all the needed components. Pandarus is at it again with this outstanding unit. The market statistics have also proven that Pandarus is one of the reputable compound bow brands on the market. Thus, you can never get it wrong with this selection.

Another exciting thing about this equipment is the compatibility for both beginner and intermediate archers. The adjustability is top-notch. This helps you reduce the risk of having hand constraints and neck aches.

Are you scared of unaware shock while shooting? The rubber stabilizer feature helps you control the reduction of vibration and noise. You can enjoy a comfortable archery experience with less noise. Thanks to the Pandarus brand for the material used in constructing this unit, which makes it super-lightweight.

Exceptional Features

  • It comes with a rubberized panel grip that prevents slipping off your hand. This also helps establish stability and deliver a super-comfortable shooting expedition.
  • The dumping system steadily reduces vibration and prevents the risk of unwanted shock. However, shooting without an arrow is unethical, which might injure the archer and the people around them.
  • It features three pin sight that enables you to adjust shooting brightness to befit any shooting condition easily.


  • Adjustable shooting brightness
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Non-slip grip with a rubberized handle
  • Shock absorption with vibration reduction


  • It is slightly inexpensive

The majority of archers are right-hand shooters. This will give you a disturbing thought about getting a right-hand-oriented compound bow. Look no further! This unique Youth Compound Bow is your go-to option. It is right-hand oriented and comes with a reasonable speed rate to breed professionals out of beginners.

The complete package of this exceptional bow makes it suitable for versatile usage. This not only fosters your archery skills but also saves you a lot of cost of getting extra equipment. This bow’s drawing length and shooting speed make it an ideal one for first-timers.

The adjustability helps you smoothen the utilization of this unit. Thus, stature and strength are no longer hindrances for you in using this compound bow. With a simple adjustment, you shoot as you wish.

Exceptional Features

  • It features five pins bow sight that offers you the advantage of adjusting the brightness of the bow sight to suit different shooting conditions.
  • The target paper included in the package is a plus advantage to level up your shooting ability. Thanks to the WUXLISTY brand for having this feature.
  • It comes with an instruction manual which helps you facilitate the installation of this equipment. The brush arrow rest also enhances the installation. This feature also contributes to the durability of the bow.


  • Suitable for all weather conditions
  • Adjustable, durable, and lightweight construction
  • Reasonable draw length and weight
  • Suitable for hunting
  • Instruction manual for easy installation


  • Right-hand orientation

Another contender for the Best Compound Bow for Beginners is the Center Point Archery Compound Bow. Having this unit is a win-win tactic for you to level up your archery training and improve your shooting efficiency. Despite being a center point archery, it is right-hand oriented. Thus, it is only suitable for right-hand shooters.

Excitingly, it also comes with complete components just like some other brands. It is suitable for teenagers and pre-teens. However, the non-gender-centric bow requires maximum monitoring of your child while using it.

Protection during shooting is paramount, and that is why the brand includes the arm guard component as part of the package. This completely prevents you from sustaining an injury from shooting. Protect your arm. The drawing length is perfectly embedded to enable you to use the complete bow set for years without replacement.

Exceptional Features

  • It comes with an adjustable pounds draw which allows you to adjust the drawing length from 17 to 21. This is a practical way to get the most out of using this bow.
  • The 8-inch brace height feature delivers ultimate quick release of arrows while shooting. The integrated design makes it comfortable for right-hand-oriented shooters.
  • It comes with sights and arrow rest that massively contribute to the durability of the bow. Also, the sights feature helps you prevent eyes constraint after a long day of shooting.


  • Adjustable sights and arrow rest
  • Maximum draw capacity for durable use
  • Arm guard for optimum protection
  • Two youth composite arrows with quivers


  • The composite limb is heavyweight

You need a brave bow set to build your shooting confidence as a beginner. The Bear Archery Brave Bow set is the perfect match for you. You can’t imagine having a complete bow package with less than 50 bucks. If there is anything affordable, then it is this elegantly constructed bow.

The right-hand orientation of this bow makes it suitable for training first-time archers. It will interest you to know that this exceptional unit is suitable for both genders. The pin sight and finger rollers are two advanced features that help you develop shooting confidence.

The two-wheeled youth bow helps you facilitate the transitioning of this elegant bow into an adult compound bow. Thus, it is not only ideal for youths but also suitable for adults.

Exceptional Features

  • The bear archery bow comes with an adjustable draw length which ranges from 13.5 to 19.5. Shooting with this draw length is an indication that this bow is not suitable for kids below the age of eight.
  • It features a brush arrow rest which enables you to perfectly balance the arrow before shooting. The 1-pin sight feature lessens the stress of targeting distance objects by moderating the brightness regardless of the weather condition.
  • It comes with an arm guard for maximum protection of your hands.


  • Affordable, durable, and lightweight design
  • Adjustable draw length for stability
  • Suitable for youth and adults
  • Brush arrow rest


  • Only 1-pin sights

The last on our list is the Southland Archery bow. This unique compound bow also helps you build shooting confidence. Although it is slightly heavyweight. However, the complete package makes it value for the money. The draw length allows you to shoot more extensively than other brands.

Shooting with a maximum of 290 Feet Per Second (FPS) will significantly contribute to the rapid improvement of your archery skills. The adjustable draw length also contributes greatly to the comfortable shooting experience. You wouldn’t want to purchase a less-packaged archery bow, and that is why Southland offers you this complete accessories kit to level up your game.

This brand offers the excitement of using an archery bow that is suitable for both genders, youths, and adults. It is no gainsaying that this unit is unisex and ideal for intermediates and beginners.

Exceptional Features

  • It comes with a rubber stabilizer that ascertains the level of stability you enjoy with this equipment.
  • It features a trophy ridge whistler biscuit arrow rest which makes this bow more flexible to handle.
  • The 5-pin bow sight feature provides you the accurate brightness level you need to capture your targeted objects without compromising your eyes’ effectiveness.
  • The adjustable brace height and draw length make it flow with the growth in your child.


  • Suitable for beginners, intermediates, and experts
  • Adjustable draw length
  • Reasonable brace height
  • Brush arrow rest for flexibility
  • Durable and slightly affordable


  • It is heavyweight

Why Archery Compound Bow?

As a beginner who has never had shooting, hunting, or archery experience, it will keep you wondering why you should invest in an archery bow. Yes, that is normal. You have to know the benefits you will enjoy in using this unit. Below are some advantages of using the Best Entry Level Compound Bow:

1.    Confident and Accurate Shooting

Since it is solely made for beginners, it always comes with components that create confidence in your shooting and deliver super-accurate targeting.

2.    Built for Advancement

Are you worried about replacing your bow as you improve your shooting skills? Not to worry! The standard compound bows, especially the review brands on our list, are constructed for durability.

The adaptability and adjustability of the system make it suitable for the advancement of your shooting skills.

How To Choose the Best Compound Bow for Beginners

Cams System

To have a comfortable experience and save cost on maintenance, it is necessary you consider the cams system of the archery bow before buying. The cams system is of two types:

  1. Single Wheel Cam
  2. Double Wheel Cam

The single-wheel cam is the most affordable, hassle-free, and easy-to-maintain bow suitable for beginners. Even though it has no solid back wall, it still delivers accurate shooting.

The double-wheel cam archery bow comes with a sturdy back wall and performs efficiently. Your selection should be based on your level of proficiency and budget.

Hand Orientation

The key determinant of this selection is your eye dominance. The ability of one of your eyes to target and capture objects from a distance more than the other. This will help you make the right choice of hand orientation. Meanwhile, there are three basic types of hand orientation in archery bows:

  1. Right-hand orientation
  2. Left-hand orientation
  3. Dual-hand orientation

As an entry-level archer, the dual-hand oriented compound bow won’t be the wrong choice to make.

Low Noise with Accurate Shooting

These two specs depend on the cams system and adjustability of the draw length. An adjustable draw length not only delivers accurate shooting but also lets the bow flow effortlessly with the improvement in your archery skills. 

The low noise emission makes the shooting experience super-comfortable for you. Noise is enough to be a distraction. Quiet performance lets you stay focused.


As a first-timer, it is not a wise investment decision to break banks because you want to get a Good beginner Compound Bow. Always plan and place your budget before any brand. The fear of getting the best shouldn’t consume you and end up getting the wrong and expensive model. Always consider your budget.

The Bow Weight

Totally avoid everything that will inconvenience you at the early stage of your exploration. 

This might be a significant hindrance for you. Having a challenging experience as a beginner won’t let you get the best out of it. Thus, consider the weight of the bow before buying. If it is too heavy than what you can withstand, avoid it.

The IBO Speed

IBO Speed is the distance at which the bow can cover. As a beginner, it is essential you consider this factor as it determines the speed and accuracy an archery bow can deliver.


No one wants to remain stagnant. Of course, you will advance and improve your shooting skills which might interest you to explore extensively beyond training. Thus, it is vital you consider a versatile bow that will be suitable for hunting and other outdoor expeditions.

Remember, at the beginning of this article, we said all you need to pay for this article is your attention. This is the same attention you need to critically observe the stated specs to ensure you choose the right bow that will serve you extensively. Meanwhile, we have our one-stop shop reviewed list for you to make your choice.