8 Best Compound Bows for Women - 2022 Guide

best compound bow for women

Quick Picks: Overviews of Top 8 Compound Bow For Women:

Product Brand Draw Weights Draw Length Material Editor’s Ratings Check Price
Bear Archery 5 to 70 lbs 12 to 30 4.6 out of 5
Sanlida 0-70 lbs 28 to 31 Aluminum 4.5 out of 5
PANDARUS 15-29 lbs 19 to 28 ‎Plastic 4.4 out of 5
Diamond Archery 5 to 70 lbs 13 to 31 4.2 out of 5
CREATIVE XP 30 to 70 lbs 23.5 to 30.5 ‎Aluminum 4.0 out of 5
Bear Archery 5.50 lbs 12 to 27 ‎Aluminum 3.9 out of 5
TOPOINT ARCHERY 19-70 lbs 19 to 30 ‎Aluminum 3.9 out of 5
TOPOINT ARCHERY 10 to 40 lbs 17 to 27 ‎Aluminum 3.8 out of 5

Are you having trouble finding the right bow for your training? Do you think that traditional bows are so boring you wouldn’t even bother to start having an exercise with them? Then you better check the best compound bow for women that are specifically designed to make women want to practice more and exercise their muscles and brain.

Since many women start practicing the bow and arrow techniques, it’s better for them to know what the best female compound bow means for them. It’s a new reality that gives them the chance to hunt and even protect themselves if something comes up in the wilderness.

Women’s hunting bows are a lot different than the male ones since women cannot easily handle much of muscle effort and weight. Some of them like to aim targets at distant spots that is called archery. A women’s archery bow is a lot different than others because of its architecture and the way it can bend over the string to ensure that the arrow takes the optimal track and speed.

At this point, it would be better to know more about the best compound bow for women and ensure that you will get the ones that are highly sophisticated and dedicated to the sport women would love to practice.

Value For the Money

Sanlida Archery Dragon

Our Pick

PANDARUS Compound Bow

Top Pick

Bear Archery Cruzer G2

Our Reviews of the Best Compound Bow For Women

Here we have one of the best compound bow for women since it’s the most lightweight bow in its category. The specific bow has a 30 degrees axel to axel length that is ideal for women who have no power to stretch the string to the fullest extent. Having a right hand orientation will make it easy for most of the women to take it in their hands and learn how to aim in the best possible way.

The bow is made from hard plastic and carbon fiber material that is so easy to have and more water repelent. That’s awesome for all women who like to hunt in the wilderness without worrying about the rain.

Additionally, the bow comes with many accessories to ensure you always have the best possible targeting. The bow has a 99 days warranty policy to ensure that all users who are not satisfied can return the product- no questions asked.


  • It only weighs three pounds and is manageable.
  • You get many Trophy Ridge accessories for your ease.
  • There is no need for a bow press since you may only use an Allen key.
  • Users may shoot the arrows up to 315FPS.


  • You may not easily find it in physical stores.

When talking about the Dragon X8 compound bow for women, we have an innovative tool that helps them hunt better and become better aimers. This model has an eighteen to thirty one inches draw length being one of the biggest in its category. That gives women a better starting point and a lower grade of difficulty to ensure they can all accelerate the arrow.

Buying this compound bow means you will have a lifetime warranty. You can come back to the retailer and have it replaced no matter what happens to it during the years of operation. It’s one of the few compound bows that come in various colors to meet all the users’ requirements. The bow is made only from BCY material and manufactured in the United States for better quality and accuracy.


  • The auxiliary parts are made from aluminum to reduce weight.
  • It comes with several accessories that you can’t find in the competition.
  • A lifetime warranty makes it easier to order it and keep it with you all the time.
  • It comes at a net weight of fewer than four pounds, which is so easy to handle for most of women.


  • There is no hard case coming with the bow to have it with you when traveling.

Female archers who want to have complete control over their compound bow should choose this model. It is made from a completely lightweight material like carbon fiber and plastic that is water-resistant and can give you the chance to carry it everywhere you like. This model is one of the few that comes with a great variety of accessories and has several arrows to choose from according to the target you are aiming for.

You get a brush arrow rest that can rotate at several angles. That helps female users to find the optimal position for their compound bow and ensure they have the best aiming they can get.

There is also a rubber stabilizer on the compound bow body to ensure that less vibration and noise will reach your hands when you are ready to aim and shoot. Also, the lower bow limbs help you to give more speed to your arrows, which is very useful when hunting.


  • The bow is good for professionals and beginners
  • It comes with a useful target and arrow set.
  • Users also get machine cams and medal modes for their ease.
  • You get a precise manual to ensure you know all about it.


  • There is no such a great color variety.

When you want to have an affordable compound bow that will be suitable for female users, then Diamond Archery is the best brand for you. The whole block weighs less than 3.5 pounds, and the material is hard plastic and carbon fiber.

When you touch the bow, you will feel the difference since there is a perfect handle reducing all vibrations and giving you the best grip. The string is made from higher-end materials to ensure that you give the top speed to your arrows.

The aiming mechanism is close to your eyes, and you can ensure you have the best possible target positioning when you aim. The axle-to-axle length is shorter and gives female users many chances to rest and not suppress their muscle system when they need more tension to stretch the string.

It’s one of the best compound bow for women that can easily come with a multiple-year warranty to ensure that it will stay with them for a long time.


  • It is foldable, and you can carry it with you easily.
  • The draw length varies according to the model.
  • There is a synchronized binary cam system for your convenience.
  • You get extreme adjustability from 5 to 70 pounds.


  • There is limited spare parts supply in case something goes wrong.

Here we have one of the best compound bows that are suitable for female users since there are a lot of adjustable features on it. The hunting bow weighs less than 4 pounds that is one of the best measurements you can get in the free market. You can also use any type of arrows with this compound bow, giving you the chance to perform aiming games or hunting with the same ease.

This bow comes with many accessories and the ones you need to aim better and touch the string with care. The reinforced rubber panel grip is there to give you more chances to hold the bow steadily without any issues with grip and balance. The creative XP bow limbs are there to give you the right arrow direction and ensure you have the best possible speed when you compete.


  • All parts are made from aluminum to ensure zero rusting.
  • A five-pin light sight is there to give you the perfect aiming.
  • There is a vibration dumping system to ensure you have the best aiming and arrow release.
  • It comes in affordable prices to ensure every user can order and buy it.


  • You get no hard cover to carry the bow from one place to the other.

When you are a female archer looking for a convenient and best-price compound bow to go hunting or compete in aiming games, then you should take a look at this bow. It is made from carbon fiber and hard plastic and weighs less than 3.6 pounds, that is the minimum required for that kind of bow.

The compound bow has many aiming accessories and you can easily replace the string when it’s loose to ensure that you get the perfect dynamic energy passed to the arrows.

You also get several types of arrows with the compound bow to ensure that you always use the ones that are perfect for hunting. The bow can give your arrows a final speed of 290 fps that is the best performance you can get for that price range.

Also, the five-spot quiver and the whisket biscuit are there to give you aiming supremacy and better performance when competing.


  • It can get easily adjusted from user to user.
  • The bow comes in several colors to match all users’ needs and expectations.
  • You may easily replace the string anytime and get the right aiming.
  • There is also a Trophy Ridge Mist Sight to get the perfect aiming at archery games.


  • It doesn’t come with a limited warranty.

Topoint has been one of the most impressive brands, making their bows in the United States for quality reasons. The current model is also great for female archers since it’s very lightweight and can give them the chance to adjust the draw height and weight to their size.

The multiple aiming accessories are all there and give you more chances to win when you are in a hunting or aiming game. You can even spot items in the dark since the aiming mechanism comes with lights.

The arrows can reach the fantastic speed of 320 fps, which is one of the highest you can get with that kind of bow. The bow stabilizer is there to give you a perfect grip and ensure that you will always have control over the arrows’ track. The limbs are very flexible and come from the USA for the best possible quality and safety compliance.


  • There is a convenient arrow rest to give you more chances to relax during the game.
  • The bow sight is placed in the right position for your ease.
  • Aluminum parts are less likely to rust when the rain comes.
  • It’s the only one coming with a set of 24 arrows.


  • You can’t easily replace the string alone.

People who care about their performance when doing archery should check the current TOPOINT model. You can have this model for less money than other ones and ensure that the bow will accept any kind of arrows and accessories.

The bow is perfect for female users since it’s more lightweight, and all the aiming parts are easily adjustable to their height. There is also less need for adjustments to the string, and they can easily give the arrows the right energy.

The compound bow comes with a complete and comprehensive manual to ensure that anyone can know all about the bow use and possibilities. The bow also comes with several accessories that help you become the best hunter or archer, depending on the sports you follow and practice. It comes with a hard cover to carry wherever you go without jeopardizing any of its components.


  • It comes in many colors and shapes for you to choose from.
  • The bow stabilizer is there to give you ultimate aiming.
  • It’s easy to stretch and release the string when needed.
  • The bow is perfect for female and underage users.


  • Some spare parts may not be available online when you need them.

Features to Be Checked Before Purchasing the Bow for Women

Bow Weight

Some women just can’t bear a lot of weight on their arms. The usual bow weight will never exceed the three-pound threshold that is quite manageable for any kind of woman’s arms. However, there are some other female compound bows that can exceed that limit.

They are the ones meant for hunting, and women are used to training their arms and muscles to ensure they have the best possible performance in that sport.

Brace Height

Another crucial feature of the best compound bow for women would be the brace height. That means the average distance between the string and the bow’s grip, and many women try to have it as high as possible. It facilitates aiming the target and gives a slower speed to the arrow to ensure that you will hit the bull’s eye. 

Some women also prefer to have a shorter brace height to achieve a lower control over the arrow direction. However, with that shorter brace they have a lot more rate of fire, or they can shoot as many arrows as they like and have the chance to eliminate any opponent when threatened.

Arrow Speed

The arrow speed has to do with how the compound bow for women has been made. Its special architecture can give more than 100miles per hour initial speed to the arrow, which is more than enough to hit any distant target. The shorter the string the higher the final speed for the arrow and the best chances you have to hit the wild animals when you go hunting.

Women like to regulate the end speed of their arrows using the string moderator to ensure that they give only the necessary dynamic energy to their arrows. The best compound bow for women is the one that gives the desired arrow speed for less muscle effort, and female users highly appreciate it.

Used or New?

Some women archers usually like to have a used compound bow to train and get used to its special features.

  • New compound bows could need a lot more muscle effort that can make them feel tired or lose their target.
  • The used compound bows for women when they are in good condition are generally more affordable and give women the best chances to win any archery race no matter what.

Axle to Axle Length

On the other hand, the best compound bow for women should be carefully measured for the Axle to Axle (AtA) length. This length gives a direct relation to the comfort women feel when they press the string and try to give kinetic energy to the arrow.

Very short bows can give women a hard time holding them and stretching the string. However, longer bows with higher rates of axle to axle length could lack accuracy and impact the arrow’s final speed. So you need to have a better balance for the right axle to axle length if you like to have a great compound bow for women.

Percentage of Let-Off

Professional female archers think this feature is usually the most important when buying a new compound bow. That percentage of let-off shows the users the amount of dynamic energy you lose when you keep the bowstring at the extreme position.

Frequently, a higher let-off percentage gives you better chances to aim better and have the arrow get the right speed to aim at any possible target. When you hold the draw for a longer time, you are sure that you can easily aim at any target and have the right time to direct the arrow in the right direction. Let’s now check the most popular compound bows for women that are now available online.