8 Best Archery Bows for Beginners for 2022

best recurve bow for beginners

Today most of the people dealing with archery know about the need for the best recurve bow for beginners, which is imminent to people who want to know the sport better. It’s not only about having a bow that is resilient to outer conditions but also the one that will help you develop your talent and pass your performance to the next level.

Since hunting and archery have become Olympic sports, you have the chance to buy the best archery bow for beginners to have a tutor show you anything about it. This short article is about you realizing what you need to know before you buy your best starter recurve bow to save you time and money.

If you follow all the advice you will find here; it’s sure that you will be thrilled with the quality of the items you are going to buy. Otherwise, you cannot find the right tool, and every time you practice, it will be a step back to the whole procedure. 

Top 8 Recurve Bow For Beginners- Quick Picks:

Value For the Money

Procener 45″ Bow

Our Pick

Tongtu Archery Takedown

Top Pick

Southwest Archery Spyder

Our Reviews of the Best Recurve For Beginners

People who are looking for a good bow that will get them to the next level of expertise could buy this model. It’s one of the most popular in America, matching the needs of any size of archery master. The bow is made from natural wood, and it has a right-hand orientation to match nearly 95% of users. It comes with a one-year limited warranty to cover all the spare parts and help you find a solution if something goes wrong.

The draw weight is between 20 and 60 lbs, that is still impressive if you take into account that you can use it either if you are a novice or an expert. This bow can cooperate well with any kind of arrow, and it comes in a perfect hard case to allow you to carry it with you all the time. The handcrafted riser also gives you more incentives to buy it no matter the price that could be higher than the competition.


  • It comes in many colors and shapes
  • The wooden parts are covered with primer to ensure water resistance.
  • Strings are made from dacron for a perfect fit
  • Users also like the reinforced limb tips for their ease


  • It is not available for online purchase in many countries

If you are looking for the perfect training bow for your children, then the Procener bow is the right choice for you. Conveniently made from plastic parts, it will be easy to carry and fold it since it’s extremely lightweight. It also comes in a perfect soft case to allow your kids to carry it with them without complaining. The set inclues an arrow kit that is not easy to give any injuries to young children and helps them aim right.

On the other hand, the bow comes with several dacron strings that are easy to show your kids how to replace them safely. The draw weight is only 25 pounds, which is easy to handle even for kids without a developed muscle system. The limb material is fiberglass to ensure stability and resistance to pressure when your kids overdo it with training. You can choose to have it in many colors and shapes, being the ideal gift for kids who love to receive presents all the time.


  • The bow comes with precise and easy installation manuals
  • The orientation is ambidextrous to cover all users
  • The bow weighs only 580 grams, the lightest in its class.
  • It comes with several accessories for your convenience


  • There is no extended warranty for this model

People who want the best recurve bow for beginners and have children who have just started practicing archery or hunting could check the Tongtu bow shown here. This bow is lighter than others having a total weight of less than one pound. It comes with plenty of accessories like arrows and risers to ensure that your kids will learn to aim better than others.

The draw weight comes up to 30 pounds, which is totally achievable by kids at younger ages. Additionally, it has several dacron strings to allow them to replace it easier and faster. The bow is made from nylon material that is lightweight and completely water repellent. As a user, you also have comprehensive after-sales support for all the accessories you buy with the bow. There is also an arm guard to protect your kids’ arms when they stretch the string.


  • Itcomes in unisexcolors
  • You can replace the string easily
  • The risers are there to change the height according to your kid’s needs.
  • It’s the only one offering a six-piece arrow set


  • The bow is good only for left-handed users

People who know what they need from their bow could start their archery practicing with PSE ARCHERY items like this one. It’s the only one that is made in the United States to ensure the best possible quality. It comes with 62 inches recurve bow that will cover all the needs for adults and children. The draw weight is anywhere between 20 and 60 pounds, which is enough for adult users and good to let teenage kids learn about archery.

The riser is fully adjustable to ensure you have the best sight over the target. You get a full set of accessories with arm guards, arrows, and visor protectors that will give you a comfortable tutoring session in archery when you are a beginner. The bow is good both for left and right-handed users. It is made from carbon fibers and weighs only 3.5 lbs, which is an amazing measurement.


  • It is designed as a three-piece bow for extra convenience
  • The only bow with carbon fiber arrows
  • The composite limbs are hard and impossible to fail.
  • There is a wooden handle to ensure perfect grip on the bow


  • There is no hard case coming with it when sold.

When your primary goal would be to teach your kids about archery, then Monleap has the best proposal for the best recurve bow for beginners. This particular item has a 51 inches measurement covering the needs of any kind of teenager or adult. It can offer a gradual draw weight that starts from 30 pounds and can gradually come up to 50 pounds, which is an impressive number even for adult users.

The string is made from dacron, and it’s easy to replace without special tools. The bow has a right-hand orientation to cover more than 95% of users. It comes with a huge package of accessories offering arrows, target nails, and string nails, all coming in a perfect soft case to assist you in taking it with you anywhere you may go.

The riser material is an aluminum alloy to ensure that there would be no rust developed no matter the moisture weather.


  • It’s more lightweight than others, with only 2.8 pounds of net mass.
  • There is fiberglass on the limbs to ensure rigidity.
  • You get a comfortable grip to ensure the best aiming.
  • It’s one of the few offering free targeting papers to users.


  • The bow only comes in a purple color that is not applicable for some users.

Tongtu has managed for one more time to present one of the most complete beginner’s recurve bows that are ideal for archery and hunting. This specific bow is one of the lightest with less than four pounds of net weight. Its material is a combination of nylon, carbon fiber, and wood that gives you the best possible grip with the most extreme water resistance you will even find in such models.

The draw weight comes up to 50 pounds, which is impressive and can give you the best results in archery and hunting. You have the chance to buy this model with a hard case that gives you a full collection of accessories like risers, arm guards, and arrows.

You can also assemble and disassemble the bow as many times as you like to make it fit in the case and your trunk. The aluminum riser makes it easy to use and will never rust or corrode due to intense outdoor use.


  • There are strong fiberglass limbs to prevent breaking.
  • It’s good for right-handed users covering the majority of the population.
  • It’s one of the most extreme low-weight bows.
  • It comes with finger guards, and arrow rests that others don’t offer.


  • You don’t have such a color variety as you used to have with other competitive models.

When you want to buy an affordable but capable recurve bow for beginners, it’s better to check this TOPARCHERY model that has taken the market by storm. It has a 57 inches opening that is good enough for all users, no matter if they are adults or teenagers. The draw weight comes at a massive measurement of 40 lbs, which is more than enough to aim right and shoot at the target, especially when hunting.

The bow comes with a wide selection of accessories from arrows to finger guards, arrow rests, and hand protectors to ensure that you will practice archery with safety. The arrows are made from carbon fiber, and the limbs are made from fiberglass to ensure flexibility.

You also have the chance to aim right through the riser that you can easily change when you feel like it. It’s good for ambidextrous users even though the manufacturer says it’s ideal for right-handed users.


  • It comes with a double arrow rest for better results.
  • You get a one-year limited warranty for all the spare parts.
  • It has a great take-down design to allow you to carry it all the time.
  • The hold enough resistance and stretch are beyond any expectations.


  • You can’t easily find spare parts online.

Finally, DOSTYLE has been one of the world’s newest brands, giving quality bows for beginners. The current bow is made from carbon fiber and fiberglass to ensure the best stability and the low weight profile. It comes with a series of accessories that you cannot easily find in other competitive bows. The central grip is made from wooden parts to ensure better stability when you aim at the target.

It is good for right-handed users, and that means that almost all the required population can have it. You can take down the wooden riser and replace it anytime you feel like it. The bow comes in multiple colors and allows you to have your personal imprints on it to feel better and cozier with it.


  • You can fold and unfold it when needed.
  • There are many arrows that you can use with it.
  • Users may adjust the riser height to their preference.
  • It weighs less than 2.2 kg – one of the lowest available.


  • There is no limited warranty coverage for this model.

Features to Be Checked Before Purchasing the Bow

Taking a deep dive into the best qualities of the best beginners bows for adults these are the main features you should care for:

Manufacturer Brand

It’s necessary to know the brand you are going to buy the best recurve bow for beginners since not all of them have items for those people who are totally ignorant about the sports. Most reputable manufacturers come from the United States and Europe where they have a great tradition in archery and bow creation. 

Some new companies from Asia may have tried to imitate the way European and American manufacturers work, but their quality should be inferior to the former. That’s why it’s better to go the extra mile and buy a good beginner recurve bow so that you can easily compete with others when necessary and win.

Total Weight

As you may already know the total weight of the best archery bow for beginners could determine your stamina and the way to aim the target better. Since you will need to train all your arm muscles and the ones of your torso, the final weight gives you fewer reasons to abandon the effort and come closer to success.

It’s always better to have a bow that is less than four pounds in total and gives you more incentive to have it in your hands all the time and train with it. If you can’t hold the bow for multiple minutes without getting tired then you cannot surely aim right. That will have a direct impact to your tutoring and the success of the whole challenge to learn archery.

Draw Weight

This measurement is the amount of force you need to exert on the string to give the necessary torque to the arrow. That draw weight could be anywhere between the 40 and 45 pounds region to ensure that the arrows will surely hit the target. If you perform hunting, it’s better to know that you will hit and kill the animal immediately to avoid it striking back at you or other parts of your company.

Every best recurve bow for beginners has a higher draw weight to allow them to aim better and become more resilient in terms of hitting their target and aiming right.

String Length

That string length has primarily to do with your size. Women typically need a shorter string length to ensure they have the right draw weight power to send the arrow to the target. Whereas with men, it’s the exact opposite. However, you need to know the string length, which can be anywhere from one foot to three feet, and ensure that it gives you the right space to aim right and give the correct pressure.

Limbs Quality

Only the best recurve bow for beginners would have the optimal limb quality to serve as a training bow. People who deal with many brands see the difference in materials from wood to plastic and carbon fiber. The way these materials are put together is another issue you need to figure out before buying your ideal recurve bow for practicing.

Riser Precision and Resistance

The riser area could be one of the most important when you need to perform archery or hunting with your bow. It has all the aiming equipment you need to have the better possible result when you finally release the arrow from your hand.

It has to be precise and give you extra stability when you draw the string to its extremities.

There is virtually no chance of learning the right archery abilities when you don’t have the right riser at the right spot for your height and body type.

Arrow Materials and Availability

Finally, the best recurve bow for beginners is the one that gives you a definite arrow materials supremacy and availability when you need them. Just imagine how it would be to have the wrong arrows and need to use them in the right bow. So these two should deal well together to make an unbeatable pair!