8 Best Recurve Bows for Hunting in the Outdoor in 2022

best recurve bow for hunting

With the fogged status of the market, it is difficult to confidently say this is the best recurve bow for hunting. Several factors contribute to this selection. We’ve been through that wall before, and we can tell how hectic it was to select the best that suited our expectations. Your budget, choice, experience level, comfortability, and others ate the factors that determine your selection.

As a good and experienced shooter that wants to initiate his family and friends, as a first-timer that doesn’t have any shooting experience, selecting the best recurve for hunting could be a difficult task for both. As we have hunters that use bows, we also have target shooters that utilize bows, and fish farmers also to some extent, also need a durable Bow for fishing reels. Now, it is hard to make a choice.

In this article, we’ve narrowed down the elements to look out for, the features of a quality recurve bow, the benefits of using a versatile bow, the advantages of using the dual-hand oriented bow, and lots more. The only cost you need is to pay attention to every detail that will explain in this article.

Value For the Money

Procener 45″ Bow

Our Pick

Mxessua 45″ Bow

Top Pick

Samick Sage Archery

List Of The Best Recurve Bow For Hunting:

Product Brand Bow Length Material Special Features Editor’s Ratings Check Price
Samick Sage 55 inches ‎Fiberglass, Maple Wood, Metal User friendly, 14 Strands dacrons, Replaceable limbs. 4.8 out of 5
KESHES ‎55 inches ‎Wood, Fiberglass Easy assembly with step-by-step instructions, Hard maple limbs, Fiberglass lamination. 4.4 out of 5
TOPARCHERY 56 inches Aluminum, Fiberglass, Maple Wood, Metal, Carbon Total bow length: 56, Bow riser length: 17, High strength casting aluminum riser. 4.6 out of 5
TOPARCHERY 60 inches Wood, Fiberglass, Maple Wood, Plastic, Bamboo High performance limbs, Easy to assemble and disassemble, Threaded brass bushings. 3.9 out of 5
TOPARCHERY 57 inches Nylon Durable and light, Designed for both left & right-handed shooters, Bow limbs are made of epoxy. 4.3 out of 5
Procener 45 inches Fiberglass Strong and sturdy, Ambidextrous riser design, Safe and durable. 4.5 out of 5
Mxessua 45 inches Fiberglass Strong and sturdy with perfect design, Non-sharp arrow tips, Finger saver attached to the bowstring. 4.8 out of 5
Tongtu 51 inches Nylon Strong fiberglass limbs, Easily assemble and disassemble, Ergonomically designed grips 4.3 out of 5

Our Reviews: Top & Best Recurve Bow For Hunting

For the love of hunting, having a durable recurve bow would serve a great pleasure and advantage. You don’t have to have a woeful hunting experience with the Samick Sage Archery Recurve Bow. It will interest you to know that this exceptional bow is user-friendly.

The assembling of this unit is super-easy. It doesn’t require any special tools. The limbs are replaceable without any particular skills or tools. The firmly fitted bolts make the replacement an effortless task for you.

It is left-hand oriented and super-lightweight. What a great time to have the Samick Sage Recurve Bow! Level up your fishing and hunting game with this versatile bow.

Exceptional Features

  • Enough of stress hunting when you have this unique bow. It features 14 Strands Dacron recurve strings that help you facilitate the tightening and assembling of the bow.
  • It comes with a pre-installed brass bushing which permits you to utilize the bow with different attachments and easily upgrade to advanced ones.
  • The interchangeable limbs enhance the versatility of this unit. Thus, it is universal and can serve for fishing and hunting. What a plus advantage for you! The ergonomic handle helps you eliminate the fear of handling this elegant bow.


  • Ergonomically designed
  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • Versatile application
  • Pre-installed brass bushings


  • It is not dual-hand oriented

Invest your money where the value is. Getting this elegantly designed bow is a wise investment as it comes with unique features that make it the best recurve bow For hunting. Interestingly, this bow is suitable for both adults and teens. Get one for yourself and your teenage son to combine energy for hunting and hunt games massively.

This bow is dual-hand oriented to lessen the fear of hand constraints for you. Thus, it is suitable for single-hand users and users comfortable using both hands.

Thanks to the KESHES brand for including assembling guides in the package. The utilization and assembling of the bow are made effortless for you with step-by-step guides.

Exceptional Features

  • The friendly attachment of this bow makes it a valuable investment worth your money. The versatility makes it suitable for arrow rest, shelf pad, bow fishing reel, plunger, and others.
  • It comes with replaceable and interchangeable limbs that contribute immensely to its versatility. The sturdily and ergonomically constructed grip riser enables the unit to accommodate various bow/limb weights.
  • It is beautifully mounted and constructed on wooden limbs that are layered with black fiberglass, which doesn’t only fosters efficiency but also makes it adorable to use.


  • Versatile and durable design
  • Dual-hand oriented
  • Suitable for teens and adults
  • Compatible with multiple bow weights


  • It is slightly heavyweight

You can never bank wrongly with the Toparchery Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow that is ergonomically constructed with durable and high-quality materials. It is right-hand oriented. Thus, it is unsuitable for users who shoot with their left hand. However, it delivers exceptionally and efficiently.

The follow-come installation guide will help you narrow down the assembling of this unit. With a bow limb length of 53, you can stretch extensively to a reasonable level without hand constraint. The string length’s replaceability enables the bow to advance and replace when worn out.

The fibreglass on the back and belly of the recurve bow helps you prevent hand piercing and any form of inconvenience.

Exceptional Features

  • It comes with a bow riser and bow limb with a reasonable length that enables you to drag extensively to shoot long-distance objects.
  • The right-hand orientation of this bow makes it suitable for new and experienced shooters.
  • It features a 14-strand dacron string that provides enough stretch and makes the bow last for years. This also enables you to utilize the bow for versatile functions.
  • The maple core laminated body frame makes it super-easy for you to use and prevents you from hand piercing.


  • Sturdy and ergonomic bow riser
  • 14 strand dacron string
  • Installation guide for easy assembling
  • Replaceable string


  • It is made of metal

Do you want the best recurve bow for hunting? Toparchery is one of the best brands you can bank on. The stability of this bow doesn’t disappoint. Of course, it is right-hand oriented, just like the formerly listed model. However, it performs excellently.

The universality of this bow makes it suitable for different expeditions, including training, hunting, and others. Interestingly, it is ideal for various environments without weather restrictions. What a great time to explore without bound!

The bow length allows you to stretch effortlessly and shoot at your targets. The ergonomic handle of this unit establishes maximum support, stability, and confidence in using the bow.

Exceptional Features

  • It features high-performance limbs that deliver extensively and efficiently. This helps you achieve your shooting targets.
  • Thanks to the threaded brass bushing that makes the unit ideal for both low and high performance. Are you scared this might dampen its durability? Not to worry as it comes with a durable design.
  • The bamboo laminated body frame and high-elastic fiberglass limbs contribute significantly to enhancing your hunting experience and leveling up your shooting skills.
  • It features a sturdily designed bowstring with a high-quality natural tire line.


  • High-quality bow string
  • High-speed and accurate shooting
  • Durable and lightweight design
  • High-performance limbs


  • It is not inexpensive

Do you have a low budget but you want to get a bow from the reputable Toparchery brand? This is a great investment for all shooters/hunters with a low budget as it comes with a super-affordable rate. Also, it performs excellently and efficiently.

The peak of the features of this unit is the dual-hand orientation. Thus, it is ideal for both first timers and experienced hunters. It will interest you to know that it is suitable for both adults and teenagers.

The Toparchery recurve bow is constructed with durable and high-quality materials that contribute to its durability. The takedown feature of this bow makes the movement, storage, and usage super-easy.

Exceptional Features

  • It comes with a bow riser that is designed with high-elastic nylon fiber which makes it durable and lightweight.
  • It features bow limbs that can withstand enough resistance and enables you to extensively stretch the bow to reach your target.
  • With the double arrow rest and dual-hand orientation are plus advantages for shooters which help improve your shooting skills and elevate your shooting target accomplishments.
  • It doesn’t feature an installation guide, yet it is easy to assemble without affecting the functionality and durability.


  • Super-affordable and budget-friendly
  • Durable and lightweight design
  • High-speed and accurate shooting
  • Ideal for all level shooters
  • Dual-hand orientation


  • Draw force might have limitation

The classic perfect design of this bow makes it suitable for adults and teens. Do you need the best recurve bow for hunting that will serve you extensively, exceptionally, and enables you to train your kids without sustaining injury? Look no further. This is the perfect choice to make.

Hunt like a pro, shoot like an expert. The dual-hand orientation enables you to maneuver the functionality of the bow with both hands. Thus, it is ideal for left and right shooters. This also serves as a great advantage for first-timer and inexperienced shooters to leverage for shooting improvement.

The installation guide helps you facilitate the assembling of the bow. It is not only durable but also lightweight.

Exceptional Feature

  • It features a classically, sturdily, and ergonomically designed body frame that establishes stability in gripping and determines the bow’s accuracy.
  • Thanks to the glass fiber riser that ensures your safety while using the unit. This helps you develop more confidence for your outdoor hunting expedition.
  • The bow limb doesn’t appear to be replaceable or removable. However, it provides you with reasonable dragging force without harm.
  • The nine arrows and two target faces are the peaks of features.


  • Strong and Sturdy design
  • Glass fiber riser
  • Sleek body frame and firm gripping
  • Eliminate guesswork


  • Limb doesn’t seem replaceable

Having a perfect and complete hunting kit is the best way you can enjoy your hunting and outdoor adventures that require a bow. Interestingly, the Mxessua is the best gift you can give your teens to train and improve their hunting skills.

This special unit comes with the entire kit to facilitate your shooting.

Despite the sturdy and strong body frame that doesn’t cause hand constraints, the dual-hand orientation crown it all. What a perfect tool to train your kids! However, it is only suitable for teens aged ten and above. Thus, avoid handling the kit for your younger children.

Mxessua prioritized the safety of you and your kids by providing you with comprehensive wear and use instructions included in the manual. No wonder the brand make it to the top of the market.

Exceptional Features

  • It comes with additional nine durable and strong fiberglass arrows, which facilitate your shooting and save you the expense of getting new arrows.
  • The non-sharp arrow tips, finger saver on the bowstring, and arm guards are part of the elements that ensure the safety of your children when training with this elegant bow.
  • It features four target focus papers that also reinforce your shooting spirit and help you achieve your hunting expectations in no time.


  • Complete package and safety kits
  • Durable and sturdy design
  • Soft-touch grip
  • Strong handle and dual-hand orientation


  • Insufficient draw force

Are you skeptical about the durability and functionality of this unit? Amazingly, this is a bow you can doubtfully invest in and end up keeping for future use. Thus, it is one of the best archery kits on the market. Unlike other dual-hand oriented bows, the Tongtu Takedown Bow is right-hand oriented.

Despite the hand’s orientation, it is a great tool for beginners, intermediate levels, and experienced shooters. Also, it is ideal for teens. The sturdy handle and shooting accuracy help you establish more confidence in the kit.

Are you thinking of introducing your family and friends to hunting? This is a perfect avenue to attain that the brand’s product doesn’t disappoint. Get the Tongtu bow, shoot, and err no more.

Exceptional Features

  • The bow comes with strong arrows that are made of aluminum materials. This also reinforces the durability of the bow.
  • It features solid fiberglass ergonomically constructed with rounded edges and sturdy handle to foster your hunting game.
  • With the Takedown design, you can always move around with the bow without hand constraint. This feature eases the movement of the archery kit for you.
  • It has additional elements to encourage you to kickstart your archery hobby and shoot extensively like a Pro.


  • Takedown design for smooth carriage
  • Durable and lightweight design
  • Perfect for all levels
  • Allen wrench for Swift assembling


  • It is not suitable for versatile use

Features to Be Checked Before Purchasing the Bow

Knowing the features of this multi-functional unit will help you make an informed decision in selecting the best. Below are some mind-blowing features:

1. Interchangeable Limbs

Several brands of recurve bows come with replaceable or interchangeable limbs, which help you facilitate the functionality of the bow and retain its durability.

2. Lightweight

You barely come across a heavyweight bow. This is mainly because recurve bows are made with durable and quality materials, usually aluminum which is proven to be one of the most lightweight materials on the market—Hunt with less fear of hand constraints.

3. Assembling Instruction

Mere looking, recurve bow seems easy to assemble until you own one before you know that guide is extremely needed. The installation manual helps you peg down the assemblies of the unit.

How to Choose the Best Recurve Bow

Do you remember we stated earlier how the market had been so fogged that it makes it hard for everyone to decide what brand or model to buy? That is why it is extremely important to critically observe and check out some factors before buying. Below are some essential elements to consider before buying a recurve bow:

● Size

The size of a recurve bow matters a lot as it is the key determinant of how far you can shoot and how massive you can hunt. Considering the size is highly important.

● Price

Do you have a low budget for recurve bows? Don’t fret! Getting the Best Budget Recurve Bow shouldn’t be a problem, as we have provided you with super-affordable bows on the list that won’t break your pocket. However, considering the price and your capability would be a great advantage for you.

● The Material

In every product, considering the materials used in constructing it is extremely important. This will determine the durability, efficiency, and maneuverability of the device. Thus, considering the material used in designing the bow will help you make the best choice. Meanwhile, most of the recurve bows on the market are made with aluminum and wooden materials. These two materials separately are durable and lightweight. However, when both are combined in a single bow, it seems to be slightly heavyweight. So, invest wisely.

● Hand Orientation

This is another yet essential factor to consider. Hand orientation is very important whether you are an experienced or first-timer shooter. There are basically three types of hand orientation for recurve bows:

  1. Right-hand orientation
  2. Left-hand orientation
  3. Dual-hand orientation

When you check through the list of reviewed bows below, we have critically selected the bows with dual-hand orientation for you. Choosing either the right or left-handed bow is a wise decision. However, selecting the dual-hand oriented bow is a plus advantage for entry-level, intermediate, and experienced shooters. We recommend the dual-hand-oriented bows for you.

● Versatility

The versatility of a recurve bow makes it suitable for several expeditions. A universal bow is ideal for hunting, shooting, fishing, and some other outdoor expeditions.

If you are the type that works all around the field, combining fishing and hunting, a versatile bow is a great investment for you. This will save you the extra cost of additional investment in other equipment.

● Age Recommendation and Limitation

Getting the best bow for hunting that you can use to train your kids at home is not a bad decision. However, it requires considering the age recommendations and limitations.

● Transportation

Best Takedown recurve bows are super-easy to carry around to save you the stress of hand aches. Consider the Takedown recurve bow for comfortable hunting.

● Safety Kit

In every outdoor adventure, safety comes first. When safety is certain, you can explore extensively. Consider recurve bows that come with complete safety kits, including arm guards and others. This will prevent you from sustaining injury.

The list is endless. Nevertheless, the factors mentioned above are the most essential to make your selection swift and serve as your investment guide. Check out every factor and consider the bow with them to get your return on investment